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Ladysmith Shopping Centre Welcomes New Gym

Here at Ladysmith, we are thrilled to welcome ‘International Gym and Fitness Centre’ to our shopping centre.


For three decades, this gym has been a steadfast companion to fitness enthusiasts, initially planting its roots in Hyde and later flourishing at the James Howe Mill in Ashton for two fruitful decades.


Now, with a legacy of 30 years, this fitness haven is embarking on a new chapter, bringing its expertise and dedicated owner, Luke, to Ladysmith.


Luke Is Transforming The Gym Scene.

Meet Luke, the visionary behind ‘International Gym and Fitness Centre’. Having worked as a Personal Trainer and bodybuilding coach at the gym for eight years, he recently took the reins, steering the establishment into a promising future.


His mission? To transform Ladysmith into the ultimate destination for those seeking an authentic and personal gym experience.


The gym has been in various locations across Ashton over the last 30 years, its new location at 127 Katherine Street, promises an extensive mix of cutting-edge machines and free weights. But it’s not just about the equipment…



Luke’s Personal Touch Is Redefining The Gym Landscape.

Luke believes in the power of a personal touch, taking the time to know each member by name and face. His commitment extends beyond the gym floor, as he genuinely cares about the lives of his members, creating an environment where fitness meets camaraderie. It’s about creating a sense of community, a family.

Describing the gym as an ‘Old school gym with a new environment feel,’ Luke envisions it as a ‘Hard training gym with a community feel.’ It’s a place where the connections between individuals striving for a common goal flourish.



Beyond The Dumbbells.

There’s more to this gym than the Dumbbells. Within the membership, a dedicated classroom awaits for group classes, offering a dynamic range of workouts to suit all preferences. Excitingly, a brand-new boxing area is on the horizon, adding another dimension to the fitness offerings.


Luke, a successful competitor in bodybuilding competitions himself, is not just the face of Ladysmith’s new fitness hub but a guiding force. He wants to lead members through their fitness journey, helping them achieve their desired physiques. Personal Training sessions are available for those seeking additional guidance on their path to fitness excellence.


Membership at The International Gym and Fitness Centre comes at a competitive rate of £22 per month, offering access to a state-of-the-art facility and a community of like-minded individuals.


The gym’s entrance, discreetly tucked next to Costa, is your gateway to a transformative fitness experience.


In the heart of Ladysmith, this gym isn’t just a place to lift weights, it’s a sanctuary where goals are met, friendships are made, and fitness becomes a way of life.

Join Luke and the fitness community on this exciting journey toward a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant Ladysmith!